Only the best organic commodities are good enough

Jun og kærlighed

Only the best organic commodities are good enough

Only the best organic commodities is good enough for our Jun Kombucha and we treat them with a lot of care, so the content of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and oils are preserved, as well as possible.

The Sea buchthorn is harvested by @Høstet and are full of oils, especially omega 7, but also a lot of vitamin C. We call the Sea buckthorn, the nordic passionfruit and it has amazing flavours and aromas. Working with these berries is pure sunshine and makes us thrive and happy.

The blueberries are coming from organic farmers in Sweden and are offcourse of the low bush variety vaccinum myrtilis, which grows well in the nordic forest.  The blueberry is wellknown for its content of fibres, vitamin C and K and also the high amount of antioxidants. As that wasnt enough, it even has a wonderful colour as well as a nice, sweet-bitter taste, due to the tannins taste, that suits the Jun with honey very well.

We hope you enjoy them as well as we do:)